Experimental Play – April 15th


The latest Experimental Patch for Overwatch came out on Thursday and it has been interesting to fiddle around the changes to the seven heroes they have tweaked. You can watch the changes in my YouTube video and I have been seeing a lot of “Um… okay, what about McCree on the forums.” To me, this was not an experimental patch to address the fundamental balance issues that are creating the current metagame (a.k.a. McCree Rush Comps), instead, I see the patch as more of a “these things have been on our minds for a while” if I was to look at the developer perspective of the balance changes. Most notably the Baptiste Immortality Field and Echo Duplicate nerfs really wanted to find a balanced approach to the Overwatch League Pros Experimental Playcard from back in late March.

So we should expect very little change to the metagame overall, and instead, the Rush playstyle will be further emphasized with Roadhog’s buff, which I swear he is a freaking lawnmower with this damage buff. In any case, I am hopeful that once we clock a few weeks of Overwatch League, a more serious look at the imbalance between projectile and hitscan usage might be addressed.

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