The DropsWatch Twitter Feed is a Twitter Account that tweets out at scheduled times whenever an expected reward eligible live stream, in-game event, or other promotion goes live for Overwatch. The goal of DropsWatch is to keep fans of Overwatch alerted and not miss out on limited time items like skins, sprays, and other in-game cosmetic rewards.

You should follow DropsWatch on Twitter and turn on notifications. When you turn on notifications for an account on Twitter, you will be alerted every time that account posts a tweet (including any retweets) that is not a reply to another tweet (unless you follow the account the reply is responding to).

The DropsWatch Twitter feed will post a tweet once a day with the daily rewards expected to be available for that day which happens at 8 AM PDT everyday. These daily rewards are only for previously publicly announced news, streams, and events by Blizzard Entertainment. Unannounced rewards, events, and live streams may come without notice.

DropsWatch will also post a tweet whenever a rewards-eligible live stream is starting. Typically this will be an esports event like Overwatch League or Overwatch Contenders, but may include partnered live streams on Twitch or YouTube.

DropsWatch will also post reminder tweets to when seasonal events, promotions, Experimental Play cards, Competitive Play seasons, and limited-time promotions are starting or are about to end.

Finally, DropsWatch will at their discretion retweet and quote tweet official Tweets from Blizzard’s Twitter handles including but not limited to @PlayOverwatch, @OverwatchLeague, @OWPathToPro, @Blizzard_Ent, and @BlizzardCS if their tweet contains important news to earning items in Overwatch.


Dropswatch is operated by Craig “Myst” Simpson, who is also the creator and owner of this site. Learn more about Myst and his efforts to the Overwatch community in this blog post.