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Myst visiting the Team 4 office
I visited the Blizzard Irvine campus in February 2018 where I was able to see where Overwatch is developed.

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my new blog and guide site specifically dedicated to my passion for Overwatch and all video games. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Craig “WyomingMyst” Simpson and have been an active member of the Overwatch community ever since its launch. My goal is to expand my knowledge about Overwatch on this website and on my YouTube channel. Combined with my existing projects, including the @DropsWatch Twitter Feed, I hope I can become the community’s go-to person whenever they need help with this game.

I really jumped on building this site as part of an overall expansion of my influence that I have in the Overwatch community. I have been one of the Blizzard forum MVP for nearly four years now and have invested a lot of my time and energy into supporting this community. In the fall of 2016, I was plagued with a series of horrible crashes with Overwatch, nearly getting myself banned from season 2 of Competitive play. Now through the care and attention of Blizzard, the issue causing the crashes was corrected. As a bonus, I came away with a great understanding of how the game works; combined with my skills as an arcade game technician (which was my old job), I discovered that I could help others. I first participated in the old Twitter CROWDS program (now discontinued). This is what I do on the forums, except I replied to tweets sent to @BlizzardCS (which under my own handle). Eventually, I started to reply to posts in the Overwatch technical support forum. In May 2017, Blizzard Customer Service team members Glaxigrav, Kalivery, and Vrakthis invited me to join the ranks of the Blizzard forum MVP program. Since then, I spend a great deal of time looking to support our community wherever I can.

I have had many great adventures since. I have visited the Blizzard Entertainment campus in Irvine and met many of the great people who make Overwatch and all of Blizzard’s games. I have watched the Overwatch League live. I have been to BlizzCon twice and have made strong connections with people worldwide who share a passion for Overwatch.

Typical questions asked about me

Do you work for Blizzard?

No, I do not. I have tried to apply for many roles with them, but no opportunity has been presented to me. However, I do have a strong friendship with many of their team members, including those on the Overwatch Development Team who support my community efforts. However, my voice, including this website, is of my own opinion and not necessarily the opinion of Blizzard.

What is a Forum MVP?

The Blizzard Forum “Most Valuable Poster” program is a group of players who are acknowledged by Blizzard for their efforts to help provide accurate and useful information about Blizzard games. This includes solving technical issues like disconnections or game crashes. We stand out from the others through the green-colored text that appears in our forum posts.

Do you live in Wyoming?

Yes, for the time being. I recently finished my college education, and I am trying to decide what steps I want to take with my career next. For now, I have time to build this blog and my YouTube channel. I still hope to find an exciting career opportunity with a video game or esports company to put my skills in graphic design to good use.

Who are your “mains” (favorite heroes to play)?

I am a damage main who likes to typically play projectile heroes. I like to think I am really good at Pharah, Tracer, and Mei.

What is your favorite map?

Lijang Tower

Do you make a good taco pizza?

I make a legendary taco pizza!

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