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Hi, my name is Craig “Myst” Simpson, and welcome to my Overwatch blog and guide website. This website is all about Blizzard Entertainment’s hero shooter, “Overwatch,” including handy guides, detailed information, and creative content. You all may know me as “WyomingMyst” from the official Overwatch Forums. This website is an extension of my efforts to help build and be a part of a strong and positive community for Overwatch. You will also find my blog, where I share my thoughts and ideas about games, esports, and entertainment. 

The guide is split up into nine sections. Starting with basic information intended for new players it leads into detailed guides about heroes and maps. You will also find a lot of handy information about the Overwatch Workshop, Competitive, and all of collectible content for Overwatch. There is a viewers guide Overwatch League and Contenders. You can also find the Old Forum Archives which has an archived copy of every developer statement from the Old Overwatch Forums. Finally, my site contains detailed Technical Support guides that help you fix many issues ranging from FPS performance to your internet connection.

Welcome, enjoy, and play nice! Thanks for visiting! Cheers! (^^)v

Myst at BlizzCon 2019

Myst at BlizzCon 2019

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Experimental Play – April 15th

https://youtu.be/Qa8Mgs3h-Us The latest Experimental Patch for Overwatch came out on Thursday and it has been interesting to fiddle around the changes to the seven heroes

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Need to find out when limited-time items, in-game events, or reward-eligible streams are available for Overwatch? Follow (and turn on notifications) my specialized Twitter feed @DropsWatch. It sends out tweets when any time-sensitive event or live stream is starting or ending for Overwatch. This includes Overwatch League and Contenders broadcasts. A great way to make sure you don’t miss out on epic items in Overwatch!

If you want to just follow me and see my random Overwatch thoughts and expressions, you can find my personal Twitter account @WyomingMyst.